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warter-glycolfire-resistant fluid
UCON Hydraulic W46
 Hydraulic W46 Adopt UCON prescription produce resist and firing hydraulic oil,Disappear with water,Diethylene glycol,lubricant, vapour liquid phase rust inhibitor bubble pharmaceutical etc many kinds of special-purpose additive formulate.Resist the hydraulic excitatory transmitter. Suitable viscosity, good lubricated characteristic, high viscosity index and good chemical stability, make Hydraulic W46 used in the hydraulic systems of industrial fields such as the metallurgy , machine-building , mine ,etc.

Important characteristic parameter
PerformanceTypical dataAnalysis method
Appearancered transparent liquidRange estimation
ISO VG 46 DIN 51519
Density(g/ml)20℃ 1.08DIN51757
kinematic Viscosity

Viscosity Index (VI) 201DIN ISO 2909
Solidifying point ,℃〈-50 DIN ISO 3016
PH 9.2-9.6  

Hydraulic W 46 Main performance characteristic:
★ Resist fire performance sis good, Hydraulic W46 burns absolutely,it will not be burnt under most situations,because of one of its chemical group, make its burning heat energy lower than the mineral oil greatly , so its flame temperature is very low.
★ Hydraulic W46 has higher viscosity indexes,it is warm and of good performance to glue , can maintain the job stability systematic in hydraulic pressure.
★good resist performance,can meet systematic requirement for lubricating of the hydraulic pressure.
★ Compatibility of metal and nonmetallic materials.

InclusiveSteel ,casting iron,brass,red copper ,aluminium alloy or aluminium dealt with by the positive pole,Cube ester ,silicon rubber ,Fluorine rubber,nylon , politef ,plastic products ,etc.,
Incompatible Lead,zinc,magnesium,cadmium Polyurethane rubber,natural rubber,cork and leather

 filter strains core material
Inclusivepolyester fiber , filling in the way fiber of the way ( Special-purpose processing ) , glass fibre , metal silk screen , paper quality dealt with by phenol aldehyde and resin strain core
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