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UCON7014-1 high temperature grease
UCON7014-1 high temperature grease is excellent high temperature grease,it has good performance,it has good lubricated performance under the high temperature, good water-resistance, the stable performance of machinery,protect performance, good anti-oxidant ability and long bearing life-span.
※ The high temperature stability is good
※ high temperature anti-oxidability is excellent
※ lengthens the lubrication cycle
※ anti-corrodness is excellent
※ good anti-attrition and press.

Application method:
UCON7014-1 high temperature grease can be replenished by manpower or oil gun which used in NGLI2 grease.UCON7014-1 high temperature grease accommodating with other soap class,in order to reach the best effect, should clean the bearing grease before using.

Technical data:

Appearancesmooth,yellow grease
Thickness,NLGI No.(IP50)(ASTM D217)2
Base oilSynthetic oil
Operating temperature scope (ASTM D128)
(IP 239) (ASTM D2596)
Agglutinates shoulders:
Load attrition index:

The copper corrosion tests (IP 112) (ASTM D130) 1b
Drop out point 321℃
Storage method: stores in the cool dry environment


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