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KOLEM HOTILE DTH100 High temperature chain lubricants
 HOTILE DTH100 take the KOLEM advanced polyether craft development synthetic oil as the base oil,matches high quality and high performance additive to high temperature chain lubricant,it is used in the high temperature equipment chain transmission and the bearing.It has the advantage of good performance high temperature and no and coke.
Important characteristic parameter
PerformanceTypical dataAnalysis method
ISO VG 220DIN 51519
kinematic viscosity

viscosity index(VI) 205DIN ISO 2909
flash point ,℃ 267DIN ISO 2592
flow point ,℃ -40DIN ISO 3016
HOTILE DTH 100 main characteristic
★ The high temperature stability is good, viscosity index is high, sticks performance is good. All can maintain the stable lubricant under the hot conditions,for equipment outstanding lubrication.
★ HOTILE DTH100 is no ash non-coke high temperature lubricant,saves the clear burnt time, may greatly improve the working efficiency.It Is in sole possession of the clean performance,does not pollute the product.
★The low temperature performance is prominent, HOTILE DTH100 has high viscosity index,can guarantee the equipment not to coagulates because of the low temperature under the winter low temperature condition
★ HOTILE DTH100 flash point it high,security performance is good
★ The high temperature in use is 225℃。

★The textile printing boarding machine,hot blast boarding machine.
★ Can printing version chain.
★ High temperature transmission chain.
★ The spurts spreads chain and the guide rail.
★ Ohter high temperature situtation.

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