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UCON synthetic compressor oils
UCON Cortusa SY

 UCON Cortusa SY synthetic compressor oils's base oil is synthetic oil,added resist oxygen agent,it is for oil plant,oil gas field,Coking and Chemistry Plant,mine,compressed natural gas,gas,liquefaction propane,ethylene,Suitable for the spiral shell pole type compressor which compresses this kind of gas and lubrication of oscillating compressor.

※ The chemical stability under the high temperature is extremely good,it is difficult to form incomplete carbon and colloid.
※ good compatibility of sealant.
※ Lengthen lubricate cycle
※ Extremely good anticorrosive protection
※ It is low to the hydrocarbon solubility of gas, in the course of operating, can prevent from , compress gas dilute , keep the appropriate viscosity , lengthen service time and apparatus life-span.

Application method:
 UCON Cortusa SY synthetic compressor oils can be replenished by manpower or oil gun which used in NGLI2 grease.UCON Hi-Endure resistance temperature grease accommodating with other soap class,in order to reach the best effect, should clean the bearing grease before using.

Technical data:

Movement viscosity,(40℃)mm2/s68100150220
Viscosity Index
Flash point℃
Solidification point ℃<-40<-40<-40 <-40
Neutralizing value ,Less than0.20.20.2 0.2
Mechanical impurity,%(m/m) Less than0.010.010.01 0.01
MoistureNonNonNon Non


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